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Star Trek fanart community

Welcome to startrekart, a community for Star Trek fanart.


[i] We'd love to see art of all kinds - whether it's produced digitally or by more traditional means. Drawings, doodles, desktop wallpapers, photomanipulations, crocheted tribbles... whatever. One exception: no icon-only posts, please. There are other groups for Star Trek icons (try trekicons or icons4trekkies). However, icons are fine if your post contains other kinds of artworks.

[ii] This is a Star Trek fanart community. Fan art posted here must be Trek-related. That means art derived from any and all of the Star Trek television series and movies. You can also post art based on fan-made Star Trek works (e.g. fan fiction) or other non-canon sources such as pro-novels.

[iii] Art submitted must be your own work. You can pimp others' art by posting a link or a recommendation.

[iv] Large images should be placed under an LJ cut. As a general rule of thumb, if it's wider than 500px, it needs to go under a cut (if you are unsure of how to use an LJ cut, the appropriate FAQ entry is here). Thumbnails are a good way to preview your work without breaking members' layouts.

[v] Please put a warning on anything you think may be offensive. Friends-locking posts is also recommended if your art is rated for violence, sex or other potentially offensive material.

[vi] (Optional.) When posting art, you may want to head up your posts with something like:

[vii] Constructive criticism is welcome. Flaming, or any other type of abuse is not, particularly if the criticism moves from the art to the artist. Personal attacks are not permitted AT ALL.

[viii] Please respect others, even if they disagree with you. IDIC is cool.

Disclaimer: Star Trek, in all of its forms, belongs to CBS Paramount. Individual artworks posted here belong to their creators and are not to be taken and used for any purpose without express permission from the person who created them.


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If you have any questions about the community, or would like to become an affiliate, please reply to this post.

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